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school of performing arts

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  • enjoy hands-on learning where you get to try out the skills you have been taught
  • work with instructors who come straight from the stage and studio
  • train and perform in a unique environment including holland college’s 300-seat florence simmons performance hall and the sopa garage, a rehearsal space and recording studio on the prince of wales campus. take a virtual tour of an ensemble room and the sopa garage here. take a virtual tour of the florence simmons performance hall here.
  • participate in industry events
  • build the foundation for further post-secondary training

the school of performing arts (sopa) gives you the opportunity to develop your artistic skills, share your passion for music; explore career options in the performing arts; and gain an understanding of the business side of the performance industry.

degree pathways

our music performance program has several degree pathway agreements, including an agreement with berklee college of music. music performance also has agreements with mount allison university, acadia university, and saint francis xavier university. find out more about degree pathways here.

music performance

Study music performance at holland College and learn how to interpret, improvise, and perform many contemporary music styles. We use curriculum approved by berklee College of Music in this two-year program. Develop your performance style on stage in the florence simmons performance hall & the sopa Garage. Our program is a partnership with Confederation Centre of The Arts.

you must apply for the music performance program before you can audition.

all auditions are by appointment. to audition, contact liam corcoran by email at ldcorcoran@hollandcollege.com.

audition requirements for music performance

our instructors are experienced, highly-trained experts with the knowledge and skills to help you prepare for a successful career in the performing arts. 

meet the music performance instructors here.

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