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program application form

in order to complete this online application form, a valid visa or mastercard is required.

this form is to apply to a program that starts in the fall semester of 2020 or january 2021

looking to apply for the fall 2021 semester or beyond? click here!

before you begin

personal details


education history

transcripts are required and must be received directly from each high school, college or university attended to be considered official. if interested in transfer credit, please fill out the application for transfer credit found in the admissions section of our site.
you must request your transcript!

program information

students with learning requirements

language skills

the language of instruction throughout my education was english.
i have taken an english language proficiency test (official marks required from test company)
if english is not your first language, you are required to meet english proficiency minimums prior to attending any holland college program. a list of acceptable english proficiency tests and minimums required can be found at the following link: //www.harrisonluggage.com/admissions/language-requirements.html


varsity sports

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